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So_Lo : First Name / Surname

So : means: Wise; and sensible // Lo: Motto translated: The sentinel sleeps not

24 February 1990
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1) So, I'm a sixth form student and take Art, Media and ICT at a school called Chalfonts Community College. It's big and loves the colour blue.
2) I'm a member of the "Lo."* family, who consist of Robert, Maria and Joe and myself the elder sister.
3) I'm also a member of the Science Club at school every thursday, Tutor Rep and a member of the Iver Heath Drama Club.
4) My best friends, well, ok I'll do a paragraph on each one:


Becki has to go first because she's my best friend, she has been since Year 9 and she will always be my best friend. We've never fought or had a crossed word, not really unless we're joking about. My parents think she's warped me. I don't blame them, she's my inspiration as a friend and I love her to peices. But we'll get to that later. Becki was the one who got me into Anime, a style of japanese art and animation I now adore. Without Becki I don't think I would have passed my Art GCSE or got as good at drawing.


Seff and I have been friends longer than I have been friends with Becki, I hung out with her in our tech class since Year 8 atleast, reading star wars stories and not doing the work. We've been friends ever since and when Jayne left school it was Seff who introduced me to Becki and Kris. I was never happier in this group of people, and I don't think I ever will be. She's made about Vincent Valentine, a fictional video game character and loves Rock music from Red hot Chilli Peppers to Nine Inch Nails.


Kris is my americian friend of whom we can relate that we love anime as much as Becki and Seff, she's al ovely person who lives in Uxbridge and like the rest of my friends couldn't really cope without her. I miss her and Seff alot as they now don't go to school with me, which is sad cause I miss her. But we should be meeting up really soon, or atleast she's coming to see Muse with us.

Yeah, be jealous of the Muse ticket.


I've known Matt for years, but didn't really speak to him properly till year 9, we talked alot, and to be honest---yes Matt blush and be merry--I realy liked him, he made me laugh like no one else did, our love for Blackadder and Monty Python came out. I held hands with him on the bus on the way to the Concentration Camp when we went on a Berlin trip and Becki tried to "marry us off". Nothing happened though, at the time he said he had another girlfriend--kinda, Claire, and so I never really bothered him again about it. Now I actually know about his life though, his troubles with his mum and how depressed he's been. It's sad cause I don't see him as a sad person, so now I know I'm proud of him you know? Proud that he can be as happy to everyone else even though he's down or upset.

I wish I could do that.


I've known Chris since a boy named Daniel made us friends, we share a love of rock music, harry potter, and harry potter fiction. I dated him for a while, well it was more made out with him twice. And yes Chris, I know you can read this, it was a long time ago--year 8 for crying out loud. I liked it, but again it seemed as though things just drifted apart and stuff. I hate it when that happens, not just with boys I like, but with people as well, but there's little you can do if people don't like you anymore right?

Well, I guess as this is enough for now, I'll post more about my life another time, something like family or school or whatever. Hope I've wasted your time enough, and hope even more anyone would like to post. As no one ever does, unless it's for role playing.

Anyway, that'll do.

*Lo because I don't like people to know my full name if they don't know already.